We have been working with the local community, consisting of residents, businesses, workers and visitors over the past year to understand local needs and what they would like to see in a building on the site of 101-105 Victoria Street that is fit for the future. Our timeline of consultation activities and next steps is outlined below.

Consultation overview

November 2019

  • c.550 addresses ‘door-knocked’ in the local area

January 2020

  • A pop-up in the reception of Westminster City Council
  • c.2,000 invitations to a public exhibition distributed to local residents

February 2020

  • Public exhibition on the project brief and development principles is held at the Curzon Cinema, Victoria Street (please click here for the information presented)

April - May 2020

  • Presentation to local stakeholders and c.2,000 newsletters distributed including information on the emerging proposals for the site, and how to access a ‘at a distance’ virtual exhibition (online)

May-June 2020

  • Virtual exhibition on the emerging proposals for the site held on this website – c.2,700 website visits (please click here for the information presented)
  • Engagement with local schools (to inform a ‘Community Use Agreement’ – how our proposals can directly benefit local schools)

July 2020

  • A second virtual exhibition, on the detailed proposals for the site, held on the project website

August 2020

  • Target date to submit a planning application for the redevelopment of 101-105 Victoria Street to Westminster City Council
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